Faces - Oil Paintings 2014 and 2015 by Stefan Stenudd.

2014 and 2015 Oil Paintings by Stefan Stenudd

Closing in on the mirror of the soul

In my new rush of oil paintings, I started with hands, then hands on bodies. Now it's time for faces.

       I knew it would come, but there's no rushing things even in a rush. In the summer of 2014, I found myself starting to paint again - with a frenzy I haven't had since the 1970's. More than half a year later, it still feels like a warm-up process. And I already know where it's heading.

       This batch zooms in on heads, but that's just a step on the way. Still, this step can take a while. Faces are fascinating, even when they emerge from pure imagination. Maybe even more in that case.

     Click on the images to see larger versions of them.

Stefan Stenudd

Faces 1. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2014.

       The painting above and the one below are on the transit from bodies to faces. The bodies dominate, but the faces are sort of emerging into focus. The new theme is sneaking up. I made them at the end of 2014.

Faces 2. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2014.

Faces 3. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2015.

       This pair of paintings is also quite bodily, but the faces persist. They're sort of the same composition, with similar poses. That's how I tend to work, returning to images and trying to take them to some ultimate point, though still far away.

Faces 4. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2015.

       Now, here we go with the faces in closeup. Portrait paintings of sorts. The first one has a rascal grin, but the rest of them keep their mouths closed.

Faces 5. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2015.

Faces 6. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2015.

       The one below is a favorite of mine, at least for the moment. Sort of a Renaissance figure.

Faces 7. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2015.

       I'm quite fond of this one, too, though this face is neither solemn nor somber.

Faces 8. Oil painting by Stefan Stenudd, 2015.

     More portraits will surely come.

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