Occasionally I Contemplate Murder. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder 6

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P eople who have been to a short visit in that mysterious beyond, return with the impression that there is one firm rule.

Although the kind of Jesus tends to let bygones be bygones, there are two deeds he doesn't take that gently:

Murder and suicide.

His aversion to murder isn't difficult to understand. It's not an invention of Gods, but of men. Sort of.

As a matter of fact, this deed is a way of men's intervention with the very schemes of the Gods. So, of course they don't take it lightly.

But suicide? Why can't they accept suicide?

Man is given a freedom of choice, and sometimes a hell of a place to execute it. Some of us aren't really apt to it, and wish to leave.

I mean, not every kid at the amusement park wants to ride the roller coaster.

When you think about it, some kids don't want to ride it - and others not only want to, with all their hearts, but they release the seat belt, stand up in the carriage, and do just about everything to induce a fatal accident.

It's a strange kind of game, popular among some of the wildest boys. The daredevil fever.

What's their wish?

A while ago, there was a hobby spreading among teenage boys in Stockholm. They rode the subway trains, not in the carriages but between them, standing on the iron connections. Not too much room, and hardly a comfortable ride.

Now and then, a kid would slip and fall.

It was not even a way of getting a free ride. It must have been a wish for the final departure.


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Occasionally I Contemplate Murder. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

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Occasionally I Contemplate Murder
by 2006, 2011,2015
Paperback, 124 pages
Arriba Publ.
ISBN: 978-1-5142-2337-6

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