What God Are We Talking About?

Poem in text and on video

There’s a lot of talk about god.

One would think that the divine is outdated,

now that we all communicate through invisible means,

in an ether of our own creation.

But god is not dead, yet.

People are still obsessed with him

– mainly in two ways:

some insist that there is a god,

and some that there is not.

But there’s just one god discussed:

the one in the bible.

And the bible is used

– both to prove his existence and to deny it.

That’s kind of boring.

There are so many gods

in the minds of the people on earth.

What is a god?

A lot of it has to do with time.

Gods lived before humans did,

and gods don’t die, while humans do.

Can there be such beings? Of course there can.

We haven’t met any of them, as far as we know,

but there’s no way of saying there can’t be any.

In biology, death is a greater mystery than life.

The fact that we all have a limited life span

is yet to be explained.

If we could change our programming,

we might ourselves live forever.

So, of course there can be some beings

who live forever.

Gods are supposed to have powers to affect us,


Can there be creatures that we don’t observe,

but who still have powers to affect our lives?

Well, what were bacteria and viruses,

before we had microscopes to see them?

So, of course there can be creatures

that we have not yet discovered,

but who still affect us according to their will.

Omnipotence? The power to do whatever they want

– can there be creatures like that?

Actually, few gods are credited with omnipotence.

Even gods who are said to have created the world

are usually not omnipotent.

Only the gods of monotheism

are described as truly omnipotent:

Jahve of the Bible, and Allah of the Quran.

That’s really one and the same god,

at least according to the Quran.

So, can there be an omnipotent being somewhere?

The question is endless:

To prove omnipotence,

you have to go through all of it,

which will take forever.

It is possible for some creature

to affect everything in the world,

as long as the laws of nature are followed.

Mankind is getting there,

by splitting the atom, sending rockets to the moon,

changing the climate on our planet, and so on.

But what about changing things

against the laws of nature?

You would have to be able to rewrite those laws,

in order to break them.

Only a being who is unbound by the laws of nature

can alter them.

Someone unbound by the laws of nature,

must exist outside of where those laws apply,

that is outside the universe.

If there is such a being,

outside our universe,

capable to change its laws

– then this being had the power to create it.

Can there be a creator of the universe?

That’s where we land. The ultimate godness:

A creator of the universe.

We are unable to find such a god,

because a creator of the universe

must exist outside of it.

We would have to leave the universe

to find its creator.

So, if we do find a god in our universe,

that is surely not its creator.

Was there a creator of our universe?

We would have to step out of it to know.

I tell you this, though:

The present theory about the birth of the universe,

with a Big Bang out of nothingness,

the whole cosmos bursting out from a compressed form

so small you could not see it with a microscope

– doesn’t that sound like an idea?

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