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Stefan Stenudd
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I'm a Swedish author and aikido instructor. In addition to fiction, I've written several books about life force concepts and East Asian traditions. I'm also a historian of ideas, researching ancient thought and mythology. My personal website:

Life Energy
The life energy exists in many traditions, such as qi (chi) in China, prana in India, pneuma in Ancient Greece, spiritus in Latin, and vitalism in philosophy. Here they are all explained.

Life Energy Fundamentals

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Books by Stefan Stenudd:

Cosmos of the Ancients. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

The Greek philosophers and what they thought about cosmology, myth, and the gods. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

Sunday Brunch with the World Maker. Novel by Stefan Stenudd.

Fiction. A brunch conversation slips into the mysterious, soon to burst beyond the realm of possibility. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

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Qi energy

The ancient Chinese life energy qi (chi) explained and how to exercise it. Click the image to visit.

Creation Myths

Creation stories from around the world, and the ancient cosmology they reveal. Click the image to visit.

Life Energy

A Worldwide Principle of the Essence of Vitality

The idea of a life energy is present in many of the world's cultures and ancient traditions. It's often linked to breath - as in the Chinese concept qi, the Indian prana, the Greek pneuma, the Hebrew ruach, and our word spirit, from the Latin spiritus - also used in the word inspiration.

       Maybe life energy could simply be explained as a symbolic way of celebrating the joy of being alive: the breath of life, without which we quickly perish.

Life Energy Fundamentals

Although life energy beliefs have existed for ages, modern biology is yet to prove or disprove it. So, how has the life energy emerged in human thought? What does it describe and what does it say about how we perceive life? I speculate on the possible answers to those questions here (click the header to read it).

Life Energy

A Worldwide Life Energy Search

There are countless examples of life energy ideas in the many cultures of the world, from the dawn of human civilization to the present. I've gathered all these concepts and similar ones (it took a few years), listing them in a little Life Energy Encyclopedia.

       There are indeed many near-synonyms to the life energy concept, as we know it from the Latin spiritus, the Greek pneuma, the Indian prana, the Chinese qi (or chi), and so on. But here are also many concepts that have been regarded as examples of a life energy, although at closer examination it's clear that they are not. Beliefs from distant times and cultures are not that easy to comprehend, so we frequently fall into the trap of expecting them to be exact counterparts to old ideas of ours. That's far from always the case.

       Those concepts that are indeed examples of a life energy, though, show several similarities - but still some significant differences, which help us to understand the life energy idea in the mind of man.

       Here is my little encyclopedia of all those examples of life energy and similar ideas, as well as the concepts erroneously regarded as belonging to this category (click the header to get there).

Qi life energy exercises.

Try the Life Energy Out

The most common life energy concept, the breath of life - qi/chi, prana, etc. - can be stimulated to increase. Thereby the life energy rises to something far more than the mere consumption of oxygen, and extends way beyond the reach of our bodies. You will definitely feel the difference.

       You don't have to believe in the life energy to try it. Keep an open but also critical mind, and make your decision afterwards. Life is a wondrous mystery. What brightens it up is precious, whether it can be seen in a microscope or not. So, give it a chance if you're the least bit curious about what has kept the idea of a life energy present in human minds through thousands of years.

       Here's my website about the Chinese life energy concept qi and how to exercise it (click the header).

Life Energy Books

I have written two books on the subject of life energy:

Life Energy Encyclopedia. Book by Stefan Stenudd.
Life Energy Encyclopedia

Qi, prana, spirit, ruach, pneuma, and many other life forces around the world explained and compared. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

QI - increase your life energy. Book by Stefan Stenudd.
Qi - Increase your life energy

The life energy qi (also chi or ki) explained, with several very easy exercises to awaken, increase, and use it. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.