Life Energy Beliefs

Life Energy Beliefs. God gives life to Adam, by William Blake.

Life Force Ideas Around the World

Here are the C entries of life energy beliefs around the world and from antiquity to the present. An edited and expanded version of this Life Energy A to Z is published in my book Life Energy Encyclopedia.


Celestial radiation see latent neutral.

The seven chakra and their positions on the body.

Chakra energy centers in the body, according to Indian tradition. The main seven chakra are (from crown to root, i.e. top to bottom): Sahasrara (thousand petaled), Ajna (command), Vishuddha (pure), Anahata (unstruck), Manipura (city of jewels), Svadhisthana (dwelling of the I), Muladhara (root). Each has its symbol, as can be seen on the illustration. See also kundalini and prana.

Chanul see ch'ulel.

Charisma is from the Greek word for divine favor. It was used early in Christianity for people who, through the Holy Spirit (see this word), had received special abilities. In modern use, the word stands for personal charm, the ability to attract and fascinate others. See also luster and nimbus.

Chi/ch'i alternative spelling (transcription) of qi (see this word).

Chi kung see qigong.


Chronal field is an expression introduced in the 1970's by Albert I. Veinik, who sees time as elementary particles, chronons, and thereby able to vary in speed. These chronons create a chronal force field, especially by mass being set to spin. Veinik experimented with gyroscopes (see this word) and their variation in gravity. The term chronal comes from the Greek word kronos, meaning time. The chronal field is sometimes mentioned as a synonym to the life energy qi, which is doubtful.

Charles A. Muses

Chronotopology is a term that was used by the Mathematician Charles A. Muses (1919-2000) for his studies on the structure of time, which he applied to astrology, among other things. He claimed that it was possible to perceive the cyclic nature of time, and that the Egyptians had the knowledge of how to transform from bodily existence to another and higher form of existence – without needing to die. He may have seen this as a kind of noetic being (see noetic energy).

Chuku/Chukwu see mulungu.

Ch'ulel/ch'ul/k'ul is a term for the soul, spirit, or life force, among the Maya Indians. It was linked to the blood, but was eternal. A person could lose part of his or her ch'ulel, and got ill because of it. Ch'ulel was inherited from the ancestors, and returned to them after death. Maya had an additional soul in humans, chanul, which was mortal and linked to an animal. Ch'ulel is sometimes mentioned as a synonym to life energy such as qi, but closer to that concept is itz (see this word).

Churinga/tjuringa/tjurunga are sacred objects that contain power from the spirits of the ancestors, among the Aborigine of Australia. These objects give vitality, strength and fertility to their owners. Churinga is sometimes mistakenly mentioned as a synonym to life energy such as qi. The nearest the Aborigine tradition comes to qi is with miwi or kurunba (see these words).


Cosmic energy is an expression sometimes used for ideas about a life force or divine force permeating all of the universe.

Cosmic humanism see psi plasma.

Cosmo-electro energy condenser.

Cosmo-electric energy is an expression for a healing radiation, introduced in the early 20th century by the American George Starr White (1866-?), who also wrote about aura and zone therapy (see these words). He also constructed machines - cosmo-electro energy condensers - for treatment with cosmo-electric energy.

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