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Life Energy Beliefs. God gives life to Adam, by William Blake.

Life Force Ideas Around the World

Here are the T entries of life energy beliefs around the world and from antiquity to the present. An edited and expanded version of this Life Energy A to Z is published in my book Life Energy Encyclopedia.


T-field (Thought field) is a term introduced in 1971 by the Englishman Edward Wriothesley Russell for a theory about a thought field unbound by the brain. He referred to research done by the Russian physiologist L. L. Vasiliev, and by Harold Saxton Burr, whose life field (see this word) Russell called L-field.

David Wagner

Tachyon energy is a theory based on tachyons (from the Greek tachys, quick), which according to modern physics are particles moving faster than light. Tachyonization is a method of healing, introduced in 1990 by the American David Wagner (1959-), where tachyon energy of different frequencies is claimed to be automatically healing. SOEF (Subtle Organizing Energy Field), an expression introduced by the American holistic physician Gabriel Cousens (1943-), seems to be the name for receptors of this energy in the body. These receptors use the energy in a healing way. The tachyon particle was first suggested in 1966 by the physicist Gerald Feinberg (1933-1992). See also gravity field energy.

Taiji (tai chi). Photo from the 1930's.

Taiji/tai chi (Chinese for 'the supreme ultimate') is a Chinese form of training to improve health and well-being, developed from the martial art taijiquan (quan means 'fist' or 'boxing'), according to legend invented by the mythical Taoist Zhang Zhanfeng (also transcribed Chang San-feng) in the 12th or 13th century. Some historians claim instead that taijiquan was created by the military officer Chen Wangting (1600-1680). Usually, the 108 movements of taiji are executed very slowly in fixed combinations. A central purpose of the training is to stimulate one's qi flow. See also qigong.

Taku skan skan see wakan.

Tantra is an Indian system to help the mind transcend in meditation, where among other things symbolic pictures, yantra, are used. See also mantra.

Yantra, image used in tantra.
Yantra, image used in tantra.

Tapu see mana.

Telesma is a Greek word for a holy or miraculous object. The word talisman comes from the Arabic tilsam, 'magical image', which in turn probably comes from the Greek telesma. In the alchemy of the Renaissance, telesma was used as a name for the Philosopher's Stone, which according to legend could transform metals to gold, cure diseases, and so on, but rather should be understood as a core of knowledge by which humans could refine and complete themselves. In some mystical traditions, telesma can also be the force by which objects or images received magical qualities. In the Emerald Tablet (see this word), this substance is described as a fluidum telesma, miraculous liquid, sprung from the four elements.

Notes on the Philosopher's Stone (Telesma), by Isaac Newton.
Notes on the Philosopher's Stone (Telesma), written by the English physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton (1643-1727).

Ti/ki see ki/ti.

Time emanation see time energy.

Nikolaj A. Kozyrev

Time energy (also time emanation) is an expression used by the Russian astrophysicist Nikolaj A. Kozyrev (1908-83) for time as a life-creating force, which he claimed to happen through the stars transforming time's energy into heat. His experiments in 1947-1980 contained observations of gyroscopes (see this word). See also Kozyrev-Dirac emanation.

Tinh is the Vietnamese word for spirit.

Tjuringa see churinga.

Tondi is among the Batak people in Indonesia the name for an animate life force, with its own will. It can leave its host body temporarily, which causes disease, or for good. It can give prosperity and success if treated well by its host. It exists mainly in the head, the blood, and the liver. A tondi gets its characteristics before the child it is going to occupy is born. At the death of its host, it leaves the body.

Torsion field (from the Latin torquere, 'twist') is the name of a theory of Russian origin in the 1980's about a force field that is the fundamental order of the universe, unbound by space and time. Similar thoughts had been discussed within theoretical physics since 1913, when Albert Einstein (1879-1955) showed that gravity bends the spacetime continuum. At the same time, the French mathematician Elie Joseph Cartan (1869-1951) hinted at a connection between certain physical constants and torsion as a geometric abstraction. In the 1950's and 1960's, experiments were made to try and combine Einstein's gravitational theory with torsion speculations. With the principles of spin (inner atomic rotation) in physics, and with gyroscopes (see this word), a number of torsion theories have been suggested, often by Russian scientists. Circumstances contributing to this research are the anomalies to laws of physics observed in gyroscope systems, which have been explained as spinning masses creating torsion fields. These are said to be able to transmit information, without emanating energy. Each material is claimed to have its own characteristic torsion field (compare aura). There have also been experiments with torsion generators, which are supposed to stimulate and intensify these fields. Pyramids and other examples of shape power (see this expression) are also regarded as such generators.

Torsion field.
Torsion field.

Saami shaman using a magic drum to enter a trance.

Trance (from the Latin transire, to cross) is a state of mind, where a person has no contact with reality, as if asleep. It is usually filled with experiences resembling dreams, but often supposed to represent a higher truth. In many cultures there are traditional methods for inducing a trance state, often used by shamans in order to stimulate certain magic abilities. See the image of a Saami shaman using a magic drum to enter a trance.

Tumi see kra/okra.

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