Eyes. Drawing by Stefan Stenudd.

Paintings, drawings, photos and videos by Stefan Stenudd

The Eye of the Beholder

The best work of art I ever accomplished, was a painted relief in clay of a proud, ferocious eagle - spread out wings, claws stretched forward, as in the very moment before striking its prey. It was spectacular, and I loved it. So did my mother, seemingly sincerely.

       Well, it broke. Not far from crying, I collected the pieces of it, had a final look at my masterpiece - in this cut-up condition - and threw it in the garbage.

      Later, I have hundreds of times cursed myself for not simply gluing it together again. The pieces were few, it would have been an easy enough task. On the other hand, the pride and glory of my eagle could hardly have remained untainted. Maybe it was better to give it up.

       Ever since, I have had a gnawing urge to repeat that artistic feat, and this might be the motivation behind my art work. I stay away from clay, though.

Stefan Stenudd

Drawings, by Stefan Stenudd.

Faces. Oil paintings by Stefan Stenudd.
Faces in Oil

Now in Color. Oil paintings by Stefan Stenudd.
Now in Color

Hands On. Oil paintings by Stefan Stenudd.
Hands On

Mute Meme, by Stefan Stenudd.
Mute Meme

Cat Photos, by Stefan Stenudd.

Art video clips, by Stefan Stenudd.

Body photos, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: B o d y

Tokyo train ride photos, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Tokyo Train Ride

Kosice closeups.
Photos: Kosice Closeups

Quebec Closeups, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Quebec Closeups

Touching Water, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Touching Water.

Shinjuku photos, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Oil paintings, by Stefan Stenudd.
Oil paintings.

Festival photos, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Folks at a Festival.

Body digital, by Stefan Stenudd.
B o d y     Digital altering.  

Water streams, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Water Streams

Stone on stone, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Stone on stone

Inks, by Stefan Stenudd.

Aikido Inks, by Stefan Stenudd.
Aikido Inks.

Fall photos, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: F a l l

Snow photos, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: S n o w

Under Construction, Bo01, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: "Under Construction".

Loo, by Stefan Stenudd 2007.
Photos: L o o  

Glimpses of a Valley Garden, by Stefan Stenudd.
Photos: Glimpses of a Valley Garden.

Art by Stefan Stenudd.


Faces in Oil
Now in Color
Hands On
Mute Meme
Body Photos
Body Digital
Old Oil Paintings
Tokyo Train Ride
Kosice Closeups
Quebec Closeups
Touching Water
Shinjuku, Japan
Folks at a Festival
Water Streams
Stone on Stone
Aikido Inks
Fall Photos
Snow Photos
"Under Construction"
Valley Garden

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