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Stefan Stenudd

(1954-) Born in Stockholm, Sweden, grew up in suburbs of that city - Blackeberg, Hässelby Strand, Jakobsberg. Moved in 1975 to central Stockholm, from 1977 in turns with southern suburb Brandbergen, 1979-80 in USA (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and New York, New York), 1988 in Uppsala, 1990 the Stockholm suburb Farsta, 1991 the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden.


High school 3 year Natural science major with modest grades at the exam in 1974, languages English and French (un peu), special exam paper om Chinese calligraphy. Entered the School of Artistic Education (Grundskolan för konstnärlig utbildning) in 1975 for a short but zestful period before halting. Stockholm University in the early 1980's: studies and disputes within Popular and Mass Culture, Social Anthropology and the History of Ideas. Lund University 1993 and onwards, with a delighted resuming of the History of Ideas, working still at a dissertation on myths of creation.


Shorter employments such as at the Arbitrage department of the now deceased Göteborgs Bank, manual poster printing à la Gutenberg at the NK department store, offset printing at the Foreign Ministry and other government bodies, rebellious janitor at ship insurance company Assurance­foreningen Skuld, computerized evaluation of robot tests at the Swedish Military Defense, substitute teacher in various subjects and on several high schools in the higher and lower social settings of Stockholm. A longer period in the first half of the 1980's as a vague tutor in the Brandbergen Youth Group, dealing with so-called delinquents.

Stefan Stenudd


From the start of the 1980's freelance writing for various newspapers and magazines, with periods as a critic of science fiction and fantasy novels in the tabloid daily Aftonbladet, and a rock music and drama critic in the morning daily Dagens Nyheter, polemic substitute editor and member of the editing board of Ordets Makt, the cultural magazine for teenagers, columnist in Svenska Fighter, the Martial arts mag, et cetera. Twelve years as the very secret restaurant critic of the Malmö daily newspaper Sydsvenskan 1995-2007. Columnist for the extremely short-lived free Stockholm daily newspaper Everyday, I forget when, and for an equally short time editor of a comic strip magazine owned by ETC Publishing. Since 2007 the journalistic writing is mostly done by blogging.


A mainly self-taught painter with not much time for the oil and canvas for the moment, but several exhibits in the distant past (that's the 1970's). Since then I've made most pictures with the digital camera and Photoshop - until the summer of 2014, when I started painting again, with as much frenzy as in the 1970's. You can see some of my canvases - old and new - on this website.


Literary debut in 1979 with a science fiction novel for youth, Om Om, which won a Scandinavian competition, and a handbook in astrology, thereafter some ten books of both fiction and fact, as well as a few plays and movie scripts. First book written in English published in 2006, followed by more than ten so farm, most of them non-fiction on themes that many would describe as speculative.


Aikido instructor since 1973 - in Järfälla Budo Club until 1977, founding Brandbergen Aikido club and remaining there until 1991, when moving to Malmö and starting the Aikido section at GAK Enighet in 1991. Awarded the grade of 7 dan Aikikai (2015), Shihan (2010), and 4 dan iaido (1996) of the Aikido Toho Iai Kenkyukai. Chairman of the Swedish Budo Federation Kendo section in the early 1980's, its Aikido section in 1989-91 and again 1995-99, Member of the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation board in several periods since the early 1980's, between 2009 and 2016 as its President. Member of the Swedish Aikikai Grading Committee since it was founded, creator of the International Aikido Federation website and Member of its Directing Committee 2004, as its Vice Chairman 2008 - 2012.

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All's End, science fiction novel by Stefan Stenudd. Tao Te Ching - The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained, by Stefan Stenudd. Tao Quotes - The Ancient Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.
Cosmos of the Ancients, by Stefan Stenudd. Occasionally I Contemplate Murder, by Stefan Stenudd. QI - increase your life energy, by Stefan Stenudd.
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Life Energy Encyclopedia, by Stefan Stenudd. Tarot Unfolded, by Stefan Stenudd. Your Health in Your Horoscope, by Stefan Stenudd.

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I'm a Swedish writer of fiction and non-fiction books in both Swedish and English. I'm also an artist, an historian of ideas and a 7 dan Aikikai Shihan aikido instructor. Click the header to read my full bio.