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Stefan Stenudd
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I'm a Swedish writer of fiction and non-fiction books in both Swedish and English. I'm also an artist, a historian of ideas and an aikido instructor.


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Swedish writing

Cosmos of the Ancients, by Stefan Stenudd.

Cosmos of the Ancients
The Greek philosophers and what they thought about cosmology, myth, and the gods, by Stefan Stenudd. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

Tao Te Ching - The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained, by Stefan Stenudd.
Tao Te Ching
The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained. The great Chinese classic, translated and extensively commented by Stefan Stenudd. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

Life Energy Encyclopedia, by Stefan Stenudd.
Life Energy Encyclopedia
by Stefan Stenudd. Qi, prana, spirit, and other life forces around the world explained and compared. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

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Life, That Is

Syllable Poem in text and on video

What's the point of it?

Where does it lead to

- life, that is?

We're born with a scream,

and we die with a sigh

- and then what?

Well, that's too much for words to catch

- way too much.

But what should we do with the time we have here?

What to make of life?

What kind of feat

would be sure to make it worth our while?

A deed, praised by all,

which will last as long as the world

- at least!

Is there a quest,

a path meant for each of us born,

a goal we must reach,

a prize we must seek,

for our time on this globe to count at all?

It might be just us.

Games played with our heads, by our minds.

For sure, they play with us.

They trick us, and kick us,

and show us as fools,

torn to the bones.

Yet, it might be more,

more than our minds.

Some plan for it all.

Well, I've spent more than half of my life

- way more -

and still have no clue in sight.

Don't tell me: Love!

It's a flame

that will burn all its fuel and be gone.

Don't say: Kids!

They come and they go,

and then theirs, who knows where?

Don't say: God!

It's a name,

just a name for the stuff we don't know.

Me, I spend my gold on wine and smoke,

I read some books, I play with words.

I hug a friend, and kiss a dream.

Now and then, I have some fun.

Now and then I don't.

In some way, by the end of the day,

it's all the same to me.

I have this hunch:

I will find what I should have done,

at the very time

when there's no time to do any more.

My "Syllable Poems" are written exclusively with one-syllable words, which is not that hard in the English language. All the words of fundamental importance to a poet have just one syllable.

Here's my Youtube account, if you prefer going there:

Stefan Stenudd


Video recital
Give me a drink that saves my soul...

What God Are We Talking About?

Video recital
My thoughts on the basic questions of theists and atheists:
If a god exists, and if so - what kind of god?

I Like to Watch

Video recital
I like to watch. Don't you? This is a video poem about the pleasure of watching. I call it a syllable poem, because it's made up of one-syllable words.

When Dogs Die

Video recital
Do dogs have ghosts? A video filmed poem about souls. I call it a syllable poem, because it consists of only one-syllable words. The dog's name is Max. It is still very much alive :)

Life, That Is

Video recital
What's the meaning of life? And how to find it? A video filmed poem. I call it a syllable poem, because it consists entirely of one-syllable words.

Love in the Snow

Video recital
Love and death and snow. A video poem about how they relate. I call it a syllable poem, because it's written entirely with one-syllable words.


Video recital
Who is watching, and who is being watched? Here's a video filmed poem of mine. I call it a letter poem, since it is made up entirely of single letters.

My Fiction Books

All's End, science fiction novel by Stefan Stenudd.

All's End

Science fiction novel about a quest through the universe for a perfect world. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder, by Stefan Stenudd.

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder

Thoughts on life, death, and the meaning of it all, explored by anecdotes and mythological fragments. Click the image to see the book at Amazon.