Occasionally I Contemplate Murder. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder

Semi-fiction book by Stefan Stenudd

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder is not a novel, exactly. I call it a thought-book. I think about life, death, and the meaning of it all. Often, my thoughts are illustrated by anec­dotes, myths, or short stories, because reasoning alone is a tool with limited capacity - especially when it comes to the so-called eternal questions.

       The book was originally written in English, to avoid the serenity that the Swedish language tends to lead to automatically. A Swedish publisher talked me into translating it to Swedish, and it was published in Sweden in 1987. The English version was published in 2006, almost 20 years later. If you want to buy the printed version of the book, see below.

       I have also made a video filmed recital of the begin­ning of the book. Just click the image above to start it.

       Anyway, it's all here, divided into as many web­pages as it has got chapters, all of them conveniently short.

       You can start reading any of those chapters, but I do believe you will get more out of them, if you follow the conventional order. Enjoy.

Stefan Stenudd

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder, by Stefan Stenudd.

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder

  1. THIS WORLD is, I find, a strange place to be, wherein my brain is not the best of guides...

  2. NOT ONLY the center of the onion is empty. Practically everything is...

  3. IN THIS WORLD of contradiction and confusion, murder is something quite substantial...

  4. I WONDER what it's like to be murdered...

  5. SOME PEOPLE DIE, and really live to tell about it...

  6. PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN to a short visit in that mysterious beyond, return with the impression that there is one firm rule...

  7. A YOUNG FRIEND of mine had another way of treating his life disrespectfully...

  8. MAYBE MURDER IS, in essence, an act of revolt against the Gods...

  9. MURDER IS AN EXPRESSION of power, ultimate power...

  10. FOR SOME REASON, I have the impression that it's mostly the good guys who are willing to comply and die...

  11. THE INDIANS TREATED LIFE much more demandingly than we tend to do...

  12. SOME KINDS OF SUICIDE I find very sympathetic...

  13. ANOTHER KIND of socially sanctioned murder than the execution, and much more efficient, is war...

  14. SOMEBODY I KNOW had an accident when he was about twenty years old...

  15. MOST CERTAINLY an ignorant hypothesis, nevertheless lucrative, is the idea of a universe without Gods...

  16. THE PROBLEM OF PEACE is somewhat similar to that of Heaven and Hell...

  17. THE INTRICATE BIOLOGICAL MACHINERY of man really allows for a longevity we hardly reach...

How to get the book

If you want to buy the book, you can do so at most international web based bookstores, such as Amazon and the like. Here are links to the book on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Use the latter if you are European - then you get the book cheaper and quicker. Otherwise, you may want to buy it at Amazon US.

At Amazon US: Murder, by Stefan Stenudd - at Amazon US.
At Amazon UK: Murder, by Stefan Stenudd - at Amazon UK.

Now also a Kindle ebook:
Murder - Kindle ebook

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder
by 2006, 2011
Paperback, 124 pages
Arriba Publ.
ISBN: 978-91-7894-050-9

The same book in Swedish

Fiction by Stefan Stenudd.

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