Drawings from the 1990's

Resting head. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Portraits, Croquis and More, by Stefan Stenudd

Drawings with Charcoal and Pen

Here are some of the drawings I made in the 1990's. For drawings from other decades, see the links further down.
Stefan Stenudd

Drawings from the 1990's

I must confess that on my 1990's drawings, it is visible that I didn't allow myself that much time for such activities. Some of them show that I am out of shape. There are those that are so clumsy, I have no desire to post them here...

       Exercise is necessary for any activity demanding some kind of skill, and that need never ceases. It is so evident when I have a period of drawing after a long bread: at first awkward, but improving by each sketch - well, in my eyes, anyway.

       So, here is a selection of drawings done after a warm up period. Still, they mostly don't compare favorably to those of previous decades. Art warm up is a long process.

Turning face. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Turning face

Drawing, 1990's
This portrait is a bit clumsy, I have to admit. But I still find it intriguing enough to post. It speaks of longing. We can all relate to that.

Divided face. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Divided face

Drawing, 1990's
This portrait shows something I often do when drawing or painting faces: dividing them in a left and right side, which seem to be almost at war with one another. I even think it says something profound about the human nature. The inner battle.

Face with keys. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Face with keys

Drawing, 1990's
The hand is just as expressive as the face. Here it is emphasized with the keys hanging from it. I also like the half-pensive mood of the face.

Stern man. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Stern man

Drawing, 1990's
The stern expression on this man's face is joined by the firmness of the lines by which he is drawn. Also the leaning shoulders seem to suggest an imminent charge.

Renaissance lady. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Renaissance lady

Drawing, 1995
This one is evidently inspired by Renaissance art, mainly Leonardo da Vinci - an old favorite of mine. I like it a lot, because of its slightly parodic style. I'm still not completely sure if it is from 1995 or 1975. Occasionally, I have trouble reading my own handwriting, and my sketchbooks have drawings from different times in little order.

Looking up. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Looking up

Drawing, 1990's
In the 1990's, I continued experimenting with minimalist drawing: how to say it all with as few and simple lines as possible. Here is a step in that direction. I exclude what is not necessary to fill in.

Looking sideways. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Looking sideways

Drawing, 1990's
Here, the minimalism is taken one step further. But still, the figure is kind of complete, albeit sketchy.

Leaning head. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Leaning head

Drawing, 1990's
I've spoken about how expressive faces and hands are. It goes for shoulders, too. Here they are accentuated, making the body look sort of like a mountain range. There are more shoulder studies below.

Seated man. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Seated man

Drawing, 1990's
This is a drawing with more details than the one above. But here, too, the shape of the shoulders sends the loudest message.

Seated figure. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Seated figure

Drawing, 1990's
I am quite fond of this one, for its simplicity and expression. During the 1990's I started more and more make my drawings with the white rather than the black - trying to make the white parts of the picture stand out, instead of the black lines doing so. It's like composing music focusing on the silences. I love it.

Turning torso. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Turning torso

Drawing, 1990's
Here the minimalism is what the drawing is about. What's not there. It's really a theme of my 1990's drawings, which is proven by the fact that none of the images needs a frame.

Torso indicated. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Torso indicated

Drawing, 1990's
This drawing takes yet another step in the direction commenced by the one above. Fewer lines, less filled in except, as a contrast, the private parts. The drawing is mainly made up of white.

Posing man. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Posing man

Drawing, 1990's
Beside playing with the white, I love to explore the lines and their dance on the paper. This one reminds me of drawings by the 18th century Swedish artist Sergel. So does the uninhibited narcissism of the man's pose.

Reaching for the sky. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Reaching for the sky

Drawing, 1990's
Here the lines sort of compete with the white. I think they win in this drawing. It's about the lines and how they slide across the paper.

Torso and arms. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Torso and arms

Drawing, 1990's
This, too, is a drawing of lines, most definitely. They come alive when they are allowed to sway.

Ogre. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.


Drawing, 1990's
This crouching monster was a way of allowing myself to exagerrate the proportions, as if an excuse would be needed. Well, without the devilish ears, it would be an even stranger creature.

Torso with a fist. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Torso with a fist

Drawing, 1990's
Although the lines are few and thin, I would say this is still not a picture made up of white. It's about the lines and how they can be minimized. I have fun at how the threat of the fist is diminished by the pose not being intimidating at all.

Torso heading forward. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Torso heading forward

Drawing, 1990's
Here the lines are so few, the white starts to take over - sort of. It's still about the lines, but it borders on the territory where the white speaks the loudest.

Charcoal torso. Drawing from the 1990's by Stefan Stenudd.

Charcoal torso

Drawing, 1990's
I end with a contrast to the above. The black of the drawing emerges and rules. That can be fun, too. It does suggest body and weight quite strongly.

Live Drawing

Video filmed drawing
This is more recent, from 2008. I draw a portrait with some complications. It's hard to decide when to stop. I did speed the film up a bit, not to burden the patience of the viewers too much.

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Drawings from the 1990's

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