The Creation of Myth and Myths of Creation

Studying the thoughts behind myths

At the very beginning, when the world came to be - what was, what happened? About this, people of the past have wondered, marveled, just as much as we do today.

       And just like we have done with the theory of the big bang, they came up with their own versions.

       Today, we call these versions myths, by which a number of things are stated - maybe rightly, maybe not. Perhaps one day the big bang theory will also be classified as a myth? Whatever the case, these so called myths reveal the cosmological speculations of our distant ancestors.

Let there be light. Bible illustration by Gustave Doré.
Let there be light. Bible illustration by Gustave Doré, 1866.

       I am intrigued by the thinking behind those myths, especially the myths regarding the beginning of all - the creation, the primary events of the world. There are patterns to be revealed, both in the processes of thought leading to their invention, and in the plots and stories making out those myths. Intriguing patterns, telling us a lot about how the human mind works - through time, across any cultural borders.
Stefan Stenudd

Creation Myths: An Introduction

Investigations into the nature of creation myths, their structure and the thoughts behind them.

Psychoanalysis of Myth

The theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl G. Jung on myth and its origin.

Creation Myths around the World

How stories of the beginning might have begun. An introduction to my ongoing dissertation on creation myths, where I speculate on how the myths emerged at the dawn of human civilization and what shaped them. I have moved this text to my website on Creation Myths.

The Logics of Myth

Basic patterns and structures of myths in general, and creation myths in particular. I have moved this text to my website on Creation Myths.


Genesis 1, the first creation of the Bible, and how to understand the myth. Also about the commentaries of Augustine and Martin Luther. I have moved this text to my website on Creation Myths.

Enuma Elish, the Babylonian Creation Myth.

Enuma Elish

Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth, its content and how to interpret it. I have moved this text to my website on Creation Myths.

Cosmos of the Ancients

The Greek Philosophers on Myth and Cosmology.

Cosmos of the Ancients. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

The Book

An edited and extended version of the texts on Greek philosophers was published in this book. Click the image to find out more about it.


The life, time, and work of Aristotle.

Aristotle's Poetics

The classic on the form and meaning of drama.

Life Energy Encyclopedia. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Life Energy Encyclopedia

Qi, Prana, Spirit, and Other Life Forces around the World are explained in this Encyclopedia. Click the image to find out more about the book.

Ideas and learning

- not necessarily in that order. About my academic ventures.

Myths of Creation


Creation Myths: Emergence and Meanings
Psychoanalysis of Myth
Ideas and Learning

On my Creation Myths website:

Creation Myths Around the World
The Logics of Myth
Theories through History about Myth and Fable
Genesis 1: The First Creation of the Bible
Enuma Elish, Babylonian Creation
The Paradox of Creation: Rig Veda 10:129
Xingu Creation
Archetypes in Myth

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