The aikido technique ikkyo compared to sword, in slow motion. Many more aikido videos on my YouTube Channel.

The Peaceful Martial Art

Me and my teacher Ichimura sensei, way back in 1974. The video above was recorded in 2017, at my present dojo Enighet in Malmö, Sweden. The photo to the right is from 1974, with an adolescent me as uke to Ichimura sensei, my aikido teacher at that time.

       I started to practice aikido in 1972. Now, I have done it for over 50 years. That's half a century. How many hobbies will last for that long, and remain fascinating? Normally I am impatient, to say the least. Anything that I have to repeat over and over will very quickly lose its attraction.

       Not so with aikido, the gentle martial art from Japan. I keep on doing those exercises, keep on struggling to refine the aikido techniques — and my fascination increases. This is an anomaly, a koan if you will, that can only be comprehended if aikido is seen neither as a sport nor a system of self defense, but as an art.

       Of course aikido is an art. Endlessly intriguing, infinitely variable, never perfected — what else could it be?

       Scroll down to check out the aikido material I have on this website. I hope you find it interesting.

Stefan Stenudd

My Aikido Books

Click the images to see the books at Amazon (paid link).
Aikido Principles. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Aikido Principles
Basic Concepts of the Peaceful Martial Art. The basic principles, philosophy and traditional budo concepts in aikido.
More about the book here.

Attacks in Aikido, by Stefan Stenudd. Attacks in Aikido
How to do kogeki, the attack techniques. All the attack techniques in aikido explained, and how to do them correctly.
More about the book here.

Aikibatto, by Stefan Stenudd. Aikibatto
Aikiken Sword Exercises for Aikido. The aikibatto exercises, practical and spiritual aspects of the sword arts, advice on equipment for training.
More about the book here.

Aikido Basic Techniques Complete

Tables of all the aikido techniques and attacks, and their combinations. With comments and explanations.

Aikido Glossary

A dictionary of aikido terms and their meanings.

My Aikido Seminars

Here is information about my aikido seminars in Sweden and other countries.

45 years of aikido

My 100th YouTube aikido video is a cavalcade of my first 45 years of aikido. Now it's over 50. A lot of fun — but oh, how time flies!

My Aikido Dojo

I teach aikido at Enighet dojo in Malmö, Sweden. Click the header to go to our website. And here we are on Facebook.

Aikido techniques in videos and texts

See the aikido menu below for links to my web pages on several of the aikido techniques against grab and strike attacks, explained by videos and texts.

Attacks in Aikido

Kogeki, the attack techniques in aikido. Photos, video, and comments about the most common attack forms used in aikido, and tips about how to do them.

Aikido Knife Defense

Tantodori, aikido defense against knife attacks — some techniques. This is focused on how to take the knife from the attacker at the end of the technique, something that many aikidoka do without enough care.

Ikkyo Complete

Texts and video clips on ikkyo against several different attacks. Ikkyo, the first technique of aikido, can be done in many ways and against many attack forms. Here are most of them.

Jo 31 Kata

The jo 31 kata in four directions. The traditional 31 kata practiced in aikido is in two directions — front and back — but that is odd for a kata with so many movements. At my dojo, we have allowed ourselves to modify it into a four directions kata. See how we do it, and see if you approve or not.


Aikido sword exercises with partner and bokken, or solo like iaido. There are some very complex systems of sword exercises in aikido, often demanding a high strain on one's memory at the cost of properly exercising the sword technique fundamentals. This is a simple exercise system we use at my dojo. I call it aikibatto, since it combines aspects of aikido with those of iaido (batto).

Aiki — Joining Energies

Video and text of aiki, the old budo concept of joining with the energy of the attacker. It is essential in aikido. Here are several applications of it in aikido practice.

Aikido in The Walking DeadAikido in The Walking Dead

Aikido is prominent in the season 6 episode 4 of the TV series The Walking Dead, which was released on November 1st, 2015. Click the header to read more about it.

Aikido as Self-Defense

There's much discussion about aikido as self-defense. Does it work, and if so — how to do it? This text tries to answer some such questions and explore what "realistic" really means.

Ki, Life Energy

About ki, the life energy, middle syllable in the word aikido, and essential in training. Explanations and exercises.

Tanden, the Center

About tanden, the center, what it is, how it works and how to exercise it — not just in aikido.

Iriminage. Ink brush aikido drawing by Stefan Stenudd.

Aikido Inks

I experimented with using the brush to express the movements and principles of aikido techniques, sort of in the fashion of Japanese calligraphy (shodo). Here are some of the results.

Running an Aikido Dojo

The ups and downs of running your own aikido dojo. What my experiences have taught me.

AikiWeb Columns

My columns at AikiWeb, a great aikido website.

Osensei and Einstein

Osensei and Einstein Aikido principles in celestial mechanics. I compare some aspects of aikido with those laws of gravity revealed by Einstein.

Aikido Books Reviewed

A commented selection of my favorite books about aikido, and about things related to it.

Aikido Is True

The overwhelming experiences of the beginner. How I got into aikido.

Aikido Video Clips

Several aikido video clips — both from seminars and from instructional recordings. In some of them I do rather improvised versions of basic and not so basic aikido techniques, in others I stick to basic forms for clarity.

Aikido Photos

Photos of me and my friends on the aikido tatami, from my dojo and others, in Sweden and abroad.

Aikido — die friedliche Kampfkunst

Aikido book in German My book on aikido was translated into German by Sabine Neumann. Here you find the complete German version of it.

About Me

A short Aikido biography of yours truly.

Aikido Menu

Aikido Menu


Aikido Techniques — all the basic moves
Attacks in Aikido
Ikkyo Complete
Suwari kokyuho
Tantodori — knife defense
Aikiken — aikido sword techniques
Jo 31 Kata in four directions
Aikibatto sword and staff exercises
Aiki — joining energies
Ki exercises
Aikido Video Clips
Aikido Photos
My aikido dojo in Malmö, Sweden
My aikido seminars


My Aikido Bio
Aikido Glossary
Tanden, the Center
Aikido Inks
Aikido as Self-Defense
Running a Dojo
Aikido is True
Osensei and Einstein
AikiWeb Columns
Aikido Books Reviewed
Die deutsche Version meines Aikido-Buches online
Aikido på svenska

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