Speculations — essays on various topics by Stefan Stenudd.

Essays on various topics by Stefan Stenudd

Suddenly a subject intrigues me, and I need to write about it. That's my way of contemplating, as well as my reflex as a writer. Here are those essays. More will come, most definitely.

Discussion with the AI of ChatGPT:

Who is the protagonist in Hamlet?
I tested the AI of ChatGPT with a discussion about Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The reluctance of the AI to accept my arguments revealed that it might be all too human, with both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Consider the Lilies of the Field...

Consider the Lilies of the Field...

How I clashed with Facebook on the issue of nudity.

Sunday Brunch with the World Maker. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Sunday Brunch with the World Maker
Novel by Stefan Stenudd
A Sunday brunch conversation with a stranger slips into the mysterious, soon to burst beyond the realm of possibility. Click the image to see the book at Amazon (paid link).

Climate Change Anomalies and IPCC Discrepancies

The IPCC says the climate is changing dramatically, due to human caused increase of CO2. But their claims have some disturbing anomalies.

How to Predict the Future?

The arrival of the date visited by Back to the Future II (October 21, 2015) got me to speculate on the difficult task of predicting the future, as seen in the movies.

Where Are All the Aliens?

Where Are All the Aliens?

A text I came across about the Fermi Paradox got me to speculate on how come we don't meet any aliens, although there must be loads of them out there?

When the Bearded Lady Sings

I ponder the significance of the beard on the drag queen Conchita Wurst, who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Mind over Matter

Can we reprogram our genes by will-power? Scientific findings seem to suggest it.

Pornography Reduces Sex Crime

Research shows that without pornography, sex crimes are likely to increase.

War Is Not About Aggression

There is no consensus within the sciences about the origin of war, so I allow myself to speculate.

The Weakness of Rhetoric

Obama showed the limits of rhetoric when he defended the NSA monitoring of digital information.

The Uncertainty of It All

The Uncertainty of It All

How helpless we humans are against the forces of this universe.

The Great Misfortune of Society: It's Ruled by Freeloaders

Society is far from perfect, in spite of its thousands of years of evolution.

The Individualism of Communism

Why are these ideologies of the collective given names of individuals?

We're All Victims of the Bully

Bullying is rooted within our instincts, which our conscious minds have trouble reaching.

The Quest for the Perfect Search Engine

What would be the perfect search engine algorithm?

Profit Is a Lousy Ideal

Profit Is a Lousy Ideal

Capitalism has brought a lot of good to the world – at least to parts of it. But it's at a cost.

God Is Retreating

In the world and how we learn it works, God is becoming redundant.

Driven by Pleasure

Maybe psychopaths simply have a lust that far exceeds any moral or empathic inhibitions.

That Damned Why

Science speculates about the how, rarely about the why. That might be insufficient.

Pseudoscience and Pseudoskepticism

If parapsychology is real, something is very wrong with how the natural sciences describe reality.

Time Is But a Measure of Change

I doubt that time exists. It's just a convention we choose in order to note and measure change.

We See the Aliens When They Cease to Be Alien

The science of exploring the unknown is complicated, mainly because we don't know what we don't know – so how to find it?

To Be Aware of Being

To Be Aware of Being

What makes us alive is that we know we are. Otherwise we would not ever be able to ask ourselves what life is.

Big Bang Is No Answer

Big Bang is presented as a theory about the origin of the universe, but it has no answer to that question.

To Boldly Go...

Voyager 1 is soon entering outer space. That's a constant storm of cosmic rays. Whatever it really is, space is not empty.

Facebook Makes No Difference

The most influential ones on Facebook are not the young hip ones, but those in their thirties and above.

What's With the Beard?

Santa Claus will sneak down the chimney with presents to all good children. That's all fine. But what's with the big white beard?

Believers Don't Believe

Religious people believe what common sense dismisses. But the term is a paradox, revealing a lack of belief.

Big Bang and God Are the Same

Creationists sneer at the Big Bang theory. Astrophysicists exclude God from their equation. But it's the same paradox.

Economy Is Not a Science

The Nobel Prizes award scientific achievements. But the Economy Prize is not a real Nobel Prize – fittingly, since it's not a real science.

Charlotte Zutrauen

With One Person I Never Got Bored

Some of us are otherworldly. So was Charlotte Zutrauen, who passed away after more than a century on the planet.

The Poodle Bites

In Romania, there's great number of stray dogs in the streets, causing the government to act and Brigitte Bardot to react.

Alex King

Murder Mystery

Alex and Derek King killed their father Terry when they were only 12 and 13. Their story raises more question than it answers.

Facebook Fading?

Facebook seems to be declining in the parts of the world with the most subscribers. Internet users are an impatient lot – because they can be.

The Few Get More

The rich keep grabbing more. One percent of the world population owns 39% of its wealth. Greed is insatiable.

Olof Palme – the Swedish JFK

Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated in 1986. There are many similarities to his fate and that of John F. Kennedy.

Suicide or Bombing

The first terrorist suicide bomber in Sweden blew himself up in Stockholm. Fortunately, nobody else was seriously wounded. It raises many questions.

Openleaks to Close the Leaks

A group from Wikileaks is starting an alternative to it, calling it Openleaks. The plans presented so far imply more of a seal than a leak.

Civilization vs. Nature

When left alone, nature always returns and conquers. Is it possible to have a civilization that doesn't need to fight back?

Rape is More than Rape in Sweden

Julian Assange is charged with rape. But in Swedish law, a number of sex offenses, major and minor, are called rape.



When I was eleven years old, I shouted to my future adult self: "Remember what it was really like!" Well, I remember my shout...

Cablegate Is Another Gate to Democracy

There is a lot of gates, these days, that governments struggle to keep shut. No can do in the Internet era.

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Scientists have reversed the aging process in mice. Now, we have to ask ourselves – do we want to live forever?

Where's the Global Warming When You Need It?

Where's the Global Warming When You Need It?

Getting home from Lausanne, Switzerland, proved to be complicated because of the snow they say is disappearing in the global warming.

Troops Don't Mind Gays

A survey shows that 70% of US troops don't mind openly gay persons in the military forces. Politicians have feared the issue unnecessarily.

The Biggest Blogs Are “Blogs”

In the blogosphere, the top positions are occupied by what are not really blogs at all, but big commercial ventures, similar to newspapers online.

Jesus Was Not a Christian

The rage of atheists towards the increasing nonsense from Christian fundamentalists is understandable. But Jesus is not to blame.

Condom News Sensations

The condom makes the news twice – with the Pope accepting its use, and Julian Assange accused of not using it sufficiently.

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