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Writing is a way of thinking. My novels are often born out of a question - of such a complex or intricate nature that a whole book is needed to form the answer. Somewhere along the line of writing the novel, I usually forget the initial question, but when the manuscript is finished - then it hits me: there's the answer, such as it is.

       I believe that if it were possible to shorten this answer, I would have written a that much shorter novel - down to one single sentence, ideally. Mostly, that is not possible. Not to me, anyway.

Writing is a way of dreaming. It is strange how the construction of the novel becomes so concrete one can even smell its scents, stumble on its paving stones, get soaked by its rain, yes, be overcome by its intensified form of reality. The novel truly becomes in some sense more real than so called reality, sharper and more plausible.

       In that way writing is like living - many lives.

       I am greedy. One single life, no matter how long or rich, is not enough for me. When I see people pass by my table at a street cafe, when I gaze at all the lit windows of an apartment building in the evening, when I watch strangers join and greet each other at a railway station - then this greed burns inside of me. I want to live all those lives.

       In my novels, this is exactly what I do.

       Most of my novels so far are only published in Swedish. But below are two that I translated into English. More will come.

Stefan Stenudd

Ever Young

Ever Young. Novel by Stefan Stenudd. My new novel
Caroline witnesses the agonizing death of her twin brother, when they are no more than 15 years old. Horrified, she feels that nobody should ever have to die. Then she discovers a hidden visitor to her home, who has the ability to live forever without aging at all. And this ability can be transmitted.

       As she gets to know the visitor, she finds that there are grisly downsides to such longevity. But events unfold, giving her little time to decide. Click the header to see the book at Amazon.

Sunday Brunch with the World Maker

Sunday Brunch with the World Maker. Novel by Stefan Stenudd. Treating himself to the luxurious Sunday brunch of the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the author is joined by a young stranger. At first, their conversation is all about the author, his experiences and thoughts on life. But as the brunch progresses it becomes evident that the stranger has a lot to say, too. The conversation slips into the mysterious, soon to burst beyond the realm of possibility. Click the header to see the book at Amazon.

All's End

All's End. Science fiction novel by Stefan Stenudd. All's End is a science fiction novel of mine about a young man's quest through space and time, in search for a perfect world. It is published both in English and Swedish.

       Click the header to read the first chapter of it - in English.

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder. Book by Stefan Stenudd. This is not a novel, exactly. I call it a thought-book. I think about life, death, and the elusive meaning of it all. The book has been published in both English and Swedish.

       The complete book is online. Click the header to read it.

Body. Digital art by Stefan Stenudd.


Vaguely erotic short stories. And I mean vaguely. I wrote a couple and have a few more in the back of my head. Don't hold your breath, though. Click the header to read them.

Video recitals

I wrote a bunch of poems. Some of them I call syllable poems, because they are made up of one-syllable words only. Others are not. And then, there is one made up of single letter words... They can be found on this website. I also video filmed my recitals of some of it. Click the header to explore it. Click the video image to see my recital of the first pages of Occasionally I Contemplate Murder, mentioned above.

Chapter One

The first chapters of a new novel in the making. Click the header to read it and let me know what you think. Maybe you can even figure out what the novel is about. I add chapters as I go along in the writing. It's quite irregular, which is normal for me.

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Ever Young. Novel by Stefan Stenudd. Sunday Brunch with the World Maker. Novel by Stefan Stenudd. All's End. Science fiction novel by Stefan Stenudd.
Tao Te Ching - The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Tao Quotes - The Ancient Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Cosmos of the Ancients. Book by Stefan Stenudd.
Aikido Principles. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Attacks in Aikido. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Aikibatto. Book by Stefan Stenudd.
Occasionally I Contemplate Murder. Book by Stefan Stenudd. QI - increase your life energy. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Life Energy Encyclopedia. Book by Stefan Stenudd.
Tarot Unfolded. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Your Health in Your Horoscope. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

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I'm a Swedish author of fiction and non-fiction books in both Swedish and English. I'm also an artist, an historian of ideas and a 7 dan Aikikai Shihan aikido instructor. Click the header to read my full bio.