Chapter Four

A new novel in the making.

A New Novel in the Making

I'm working on a new novel. Here's the fourth chapter of it. Let me know what you think about it. You find a Facebook comment form below the text. I post each new chapter when it is completed. The first chapter is here: Chapter One

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Ever Young. Novel by Stefan Stenudd.

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Not a Word

Ruth and George are already seated at the kitchen table when Caroline enters. George has taken off his jacket and black tie. He pours himself a glass of red wine from one of the bottles used at the reception. As soon as Caroline sits down on her chair, Ruth gets up and fetches a casserole from the oven. It is steaming hot.

She grabs George's plate and scoops generously of the stew on it. Then she does the same for Caroline and herself, but smaller portions. Caroline picks up the fork and takes a look at the steaming food on her plate. There are pieces of beef, potato and carrot. She can smell allspice and garlic.

They start to eat in silence. Their forks and knives make sharp sounds on the plates.

Caroline glances at the empty fourth chair, and her father notices. Immediately, he puts down his fork and stands up. Ruth opens her mouth but stops herself, as George grabs the empty chair and carries it out of the kitchen.

Ruth leans close to her daughter and whispers in her ear:

"Not a word!"

George returns and sits down, avoiding their eyes. He continues his meal. So does Caroline, holding her head down to hide her blushing cheeks and the moisture in her eyes.

© Stefan Stenudd, February 2014

Chapter Five

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