Aikibatto Corrections and Additions

Aikiken Sword Exercises for Aikido

January 13, 2019:
Ken suburi page added.

October 8, 2017:
Change of noto in sword exercises 9 and 10. See the new videos for details.

October 6, 2017:
New videos of the aikibatto duo sword exercises.

January 21, 2016:
New videos of the aikibatto jo (staff) exercises.

February 20, 2015:
Some design changes to adapt to the one column layout. No changes of the content, though.

April 5, 2012:
I changed the design, but not the content, in line with the previous change of my aikido pages.

November 13, 2007:
I added a webpage about how to buy a shinken, a sharp steel katana sword. It is here.

September 20, 2007:
I changed the design, but not the content. Mainly, I added the top image, and modified the webpages some.

March 11, 2006:
I have removed the Guest Book. It was flooded with advertisements. If you want to comment something on this website, please use the Visitor response form.

December 27, 2005:
I have added a 3 minute iai video to the solo video clips, where I do some iai forms from here and there. See video clips.

November 22, 2004:
Duo video clips have been added, of the Aikibatto partner exercises, where both have bokken. Duo video clips. Accordingly, the solo video clip page has been edited slightly.

March 20, 2003:
Video clips have been added, of the Aikibatto iai style exercises, solo with the sword. Video clips.

December 5, 2002:
My dear friends in the SSPA Slovak aikido organization have made a Slovak version of the Aikibatto website. Slovak version.

November 9, 2001:
Correction of kote chudan and kote jodan, in both the ken and jo forms, as to specifying uke's cut. It is not necessary to specify whether it be men, chudan or gedan in the following movements: kote chudan, sword exercise frame 6, jo exercise frame 7, kote jodan, sword exercise frame 4, jo exercise frame 4. Detailed comment of kote jodan sword exercise has been corrected accordingly.

October 17, 2001:
Addition of the term habaki (metal collar on the base of the blade, to make it fit and stick to the scabbard) in the glossary.

October 17, 2001:
Correction of the translation of iaido (the way of joining with being, also implying sitting), according to authorities on iaido-L. In the text on basics and the glossary.

May 16, 2001:
Jo exercise 5, clarifying on movement 5: "jodan kamae as with a sword".

May 12, 2001:
Jo exercises, corresponding to the ten Aikibatto sword exercises, added.
This page, formerly named "Corrections" was therefore renamed "Corrections and additions"

February 19, 2001:
Commentary chapter renamed Details, in all exercises. I simply believe that the headline Details is more accurate for the content.

January 7, 2001:
Guestbook added.

December 6, 2000:
Minor layout adjustments on all Aikibatto pages — no changes of the technical descriptions, except one:

Aikibatto Basics
The name of one of the Okuden series to come, Ki no nagare, was changed to Nagare. The series itself, though, is still to come.

October 2, 2000:
The corrections below are no changes of the exercises, but clarifications.

MAE, Shoden 1
Picture 9: tilted, to show correct sword angle at chiburi.

USHIRO, Shoden 2
Picture 11: same change as above.

MAE, Shoden 1
End of noto: "Step back." changed to "Step back to the starting position."

USHIRO, Shoden 2
Same change as above.

HIDARI, Shoden 3
Same change as above.

MIGI, Shoden 4
Same change as above.

OMOTE, Shoden 5
Same change as above.

URA, Shoden 6
Same change as above.

CHUDAN, Shoden 7
Same change as above.

JODAN, Shoden 8
Same change as above.

ATE, Shoden 9
Same change as above.

TSUKI, Shoden 10
Same change as above.

Stefan Stenudd

© Stefan Stenudd, 2000. You are free to any non-commercial use of this material, without having to ask for my permission. But please refer to this website, when doing so.

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1 Mae
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3 Hidari
4 Migi
5 Omote
6 Ura
7 Chudan
8 Jodan
9 Ate
10 Tsuki
1 Mae
2 Ushiro
3 Hidari
4 Migi
5 Omote
6 Ura
7 Chudan
8 Jodan
9 Ate
10 Tsuki

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