Aikibatto 9

Harai ATE



Harai   ATE

  ATE - start.
Starting position. Tori at right, uke at left - for reasons of visibility - but in the text below, tori moves are in left column, uke in right.
1 Starting with bokken in belt, facing uke. Starting in chudan kamae, sword drawn and held at middle guard, facing tori.
2 ATE - step right. Step forward with left foot.
3 Step forward to the right with right foot, firmly grabbing the scabbard and tsuba with left hand, and putting right hand palm on hilt. Step forward with right foot, chudan tsuki, thrust to middle level, in the direction of tori's original position.
4 Harai with tsuka, the hilt, in a semi-circular move from right to left, pushing uke's sword a bit to uke's right. ATE - harai.
  ATE - tsuka ate. ATE - nuki tsuke.
5 Turn body toward uke, tsuka ate, strike at uke on chudan level with the hilt, and push uke backward. Fall back one full step with right foot, when pushed by tori, and draw sword to jodan kamae.
6 Draw sword by pulling scabbard back, put left hand palm on the back of the sword, near its point. Step forward with right foot.

ATE - left palm on sword.

  ATE - do. ATE - cut through.
7 Step to forward right with right foot, left foot following, cutting do, side cut on chudan level, with left hand helping to push the sword. Chudan giri, cut to middle level.
8 Raise the sword to jodan kamae, left foot stepping to right foot, body turning toward uke.
Men, cut to the head.
ATE - jodan kamae.
9 ATE - men. Yield sword to migi no waki, right side guard.
Retreat three steps.
10 Lower sword to chudan kamae, middle guard. ATE - chudan kamae.
11 Chiburi kaiten, "shake off blood" by spinning the sword around. ATE - chiburi.
ATE - chiburi.
12 Put blade on left shoulder. Noto, sword back into scabbard.
Step back to the starting position.

Changed 2017:

For safety, the noto is changed to sideways instead of at the shoulder. See the video above for details.

ATE - noto, blade on shoulder.
ATE - noto, shift of grip.
ATE - noto, sword to scabbard.
  TORI: Stefan Stenudd UKE: Tomas Ohlsson

Stefan Stenudd

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1 Mae
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6 Ura
7 Chudan
8 Jodan
9 Ate
10 Tsuki
1 Mae
2 Ushiro
3 Hidari
4 Migi
5 Omote
6 Ura
7 Chudan
8 Jodan
9 Ate
10 Tsuki

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